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    Let me introduce myself without giving away too much.            I rather leave all this talk for when I see you in person.

My name is Renee, and I would love for you to escape into my world of endless erotic possibilities. I'm always looking for the next new adventure to get my heart racing and my mind running.

I stand at 5’ 3” with natural curves, that go right along with my petite frame, and long gorgeous legs from running track all my life. My body is in stellar shape, and I LOVE staying active with cycling, kickboxing, hiking and any other activities that keep the heart racing ;)


Loving intimacy and being a people pleaser are one of the many reasons why I decided to start this lifestyle. From the moment we meet until we part ways, you'll have my undivided attention, and you will never feel rushed. Let's have an unforgettable experience that gives you that jouissance that you've been craving. I can entice your senses by putting on some sultry music while strip teasing, or even whisper a fantasy that's been on my mind to get your heart racing. I'll be your sensual escape from reality, where yes is always the answer.


Whether you would like a beautiful dinner date accompanying you, a wild night out on the town or some private time together. I pride myself on making your fantasy a reality. If you're ready to treat yourself to the benefits of having your own girlfriend without the complications that come along with a traditional relationship. Then you have come to the right place, let me be your everlasting muse.


Contact me with your screening information and let's make some amazing memories together.


If you've gotten this far in my bio have a look at my 

Personal Stats:


Height: 5"3”


Piercings: Yes 

Zodiac: Scorpio

Myers BriggsENFP

Personality:Outgoing, Polite, Free-spirited, Imaginative, Observant

Simple Smiles: dystopia books, candles, music, caramel, macaroons, sake/soju

Stay In Touch

Based in San Francisco & surrounding areas

  929 - 468 - 8551

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